Victoria Ríos....

Victoria Rios is Singer/Songwriter from San Francisco, California. A Spanish Romani (Gypsy)  and member of the Gastoreña family of Flamenco musicians , and born and raised on the left coast of California - her life has been a fusion of music and culture. As the daughter of acclaimed flamenco Guitarist Agustin Ríos, she grew up with rhythm in her ears and a heart wrenching song lulling her to sleep at night. She spent her teenage years immersed in San Francisco's legacy of Beat Poetry, coffee house open mics and spoken word while listening to Billie Holiday, and Simon and Garfunkel, and ultimately finding her niche singing along with Bonnie Raitt and Lucinda Williams tunes.
Treading both of these worlds her own style emerged, 'Lo Suyo' as her flamenco family has called it - her own flavor. She has often been described as Country-Bluesy with a Gypsy voice. Distinctly Gypsy, distinctly San Franciscan, her songs encompass lyric heavy folk tunes sewn with the thread of flamencos tradition of commitment to unfiltered feeling, and stark, honest delivery. A kind of Americana/Cante Jondo.  She aims to honor the rich tradition she was born into by writing and performing with as much raw honesty as she can communicate.    
A Family of Musicians.....    


Diego Del Gastor Great Uncle

Agustín Ríos  Father
Diego de Morón   Uncle
Paco del Gastor   Uncle
Juan del Gastor   Uncle
Paco de Amparo Cousin
Ignacio de Amparo Cousin
Agustín de la Chica Cousin


El Andorrano Uncle
Gitanito Uncle
La Chica de Morón Aunt
Amparo Soto Aunt

Teresa Ríos Cousin
Luis Torres Cousin

Pepe Ríos Uncle
Pepe Torres Cousin
Jairo Barrull Cousin
Juana Amaya Cousin

Son de la Frontera  Cousins